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Our Super Lightweight X-ray Garments weigh from 20% to 57% less than conventional X-ray protective aprons. Super Lightweight, is a new Synthetic Material with superior weight and X-ray protection characteristics, as well as 8 to 10 times the tensile strength of conventional lead vinyl. The results are the lightest weight garments in the industry, with far superior strength and durability, 

We offer high quality and dependable radiographic protective apparels such as Lead Apron and Conventional Xray Vest for radiologic technologists and patients especially in childbearing ages, to ensure safety and proper radiation shielding while performing any diagnostic radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures. These Lead Apron and Conventional Xray Vest are available in different sizes. These are constructed of lead-impregnated vinyl. These protective apparels are designed to be lightweight for the comfort of the wearer. The use of these protective apparels will not interfere with the diagnostic value of radiographic examinations.

Each portable xray unit should have a protective apron and conventional xray vest assigned to it. The xray technologists should wear an apron or xray vest during all portable examinations. These lead impregnated apparel worn by radiologists and technologists during radiographic procedures are explicitly made to ensure safety from too much exposure to radiation. These protective apparels offer maximum advantages in radiation protection and shielding.

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Vito Vito,
Feb 27, 2010, 8:21 PM