Teleradiology service of body imaging for free

 We offer free service trial on teleradiology preliminary reports, radiology reports, subspecialty radiology interpretations, musculoskeletal, MSK, Cardiac CTA, Body imaging, General imaging, neuroradiology, Breast MR diagnostic imaging, MRI, CT, PET/CT, hospital radiology, imaging centers, radiology groups, nighttime radiology/teleradiology, daytime radiology/teleradiology, second opinion radiology and mobile x-ray teleradiology services.
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X Ray $10.00                  $17.00
CT      $33.00                 
MRI    $44.00                
US      $20.00                  $32.00
New emerging technologies, coupled with the rising healthcare costs, have led to the demand for lower pricing; thus, providing a boost to the teleradiology industry. Technological advances and requirement to lower the healthcare costs have encouraged the healthcare services providers to outsource the diagnosis of radiology images to of site interpretations.

Healthcare organizations are looking to make use of technology to improve their operational efficiency. Among other factors, the rapidly increasing healthcare costs are encouraging the healthcare management to adopt teleradiology for their hospitals and institutions. An increasing number of patients and healthcare providers are requesting for radiology images & reports to be examined and prepared by radiologists with expertise in sub-specialties, therefore increasing demand for teleradiology services.
Vito Vito,
Aug 20, 2010, 11:43 AM