Laptop Ultrasound Scanner

Full Digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner


The system can be used for examination and diagnosis of abdominal (Transvaginal) organs, and other small parts with different probe.


Continuous dynamic variable aperture, continuous dynamic focusing,wide band pre-amplification,log compresiion, TGC control, dynamic filtering,edge enhancement and frame correlation.

Main Technical Index :

Probe connector: 1

LCD: 10.1 " High-Resolution TFT LCD

Gray scale: 256

Display mode: B, B / B, 4B, B / M, M

Main probe: 3.5 MHz electronic convex array (frequency conversion)

Measuring functions: distance, area, circumference, volume, heart rate, pregnant week,fetall weights,etc. 

Probe frequency:2.5MHz -1.0MHz (Depend on the probe types)

Lateral resolution:≤3mm(depth≤80mm)



Longitudinal resolution:≤2mm(depth≤80mm)


Detectable depth:≥160mm

Blind area:≤5mm

Geometrical position distortion:Lateral≤15


Depth scanning: ≥170mm
Body markers: a variety of body markers (more than 50 sorts)

Display information: date, time, age, sex,patient ID and hospital information , gain, focusing, comments , scroll, zoom setting


Probe frequency conversion: (2.5-3.5-4.0-5.0MHZ) electronic convex array,

TGC adjustment: 3 TGC adjustments

Cine loop: 192 frames

Image processing: up/down, left/right, black/white

Pre-set:Time,hospital name,fetal weight formula,image format,pseudo-color select ,ect.

Terminal output: 2 USB Port, 1 mini2.0USB Port and 1 video output

Storage: Built-in memory,storage via USB disk,saved image can be recalled for re-analysis.(1024 permanent storage)

Standard configuration: one mainframe unit of B-ultrasound, one electronic convex array probe

Optional parts: 7.5MHz high-frequency linear array probe (superficial),6.5MHz intra-cavity probe(vagina), 5.0MHz Micro-convex probe

Software Package:

1.Abdomen(Distance, circumference, area, volume)



 Battery:VALENX Li-ion battery


Size: 37cm (length) × 27cm (width) × 6cm(height)
Net Weight: 1.5kg