MinPacs provides offline archiving, external Tele-Archiving on-line on-demand archiving, integration with third-party workstations, and interfacing with DICOM modalities (such as CT, MRI, conventional and digital X-Rays, and angiography)
                                                                  Why mini-PACS?  
Limited budget
Realize medical image digitization and sharing easily.
Save film storage cost, Avoid film loss
Improve workflow and diagnosis capabilities
No additional administrative and maintenance personnel required
Construct hospital-wide PACS step by step

Main Functions:
Receive DICOM image from any modality
Scan film into DICOM image
Store up to 1TB(1024GB) of online storage and export to DVD for archive
Provide basic and advanced image manipulation for medical diagnosis
Integrate patient registration and DICOM worklist SOP
Optional TE, DSA and 3-D post-processing


Concentrated or distributed patient registration and image viewing
Adapt any display resolution and support multiple monitors
Provide thumbnail gallery to fast preview and select images
Burn CD-TO-GO with diagnosis-grade DICOM viewer
Import and export images of DICOM/JPEG/BMP/TIFF format
Support online updating