veterinary digital radiology & podiatry DR

Samsung DR Wide Portable Image Processing Unit 10x12

Samsung image processing unit that provides highly superb image resolution quality, wider active image area, and versatile applications from extremity to veterinary. Its unique size ensures of many advantages like getting one image of a wide area with only one shot, thus enabling you to use it on various applications. Its maximum active area is at 13"X11".

Superior Diagnostic Image Quality

The use of the detector for extremities is very convenient since it is larger than conventional medium size detectors. this

detector can accommodate the full image of a big-sized foot at one shot. the last few inches makes the ultimate difference in your daily diagnostic needs.

the equipment under a reliable condition without being interrupted when less heat is generated. Indirect method provides constant pixel value, which ensures you with a more accurate diagnostic image.

Its wide detector area allows you to capture large images in one shot, especially for veterinary applications. It makes it easier for you to capture images of joints, neck, or leg of an equine with just one shot which has never been realized by conventional detectors for veterinary purposes.

It has a pixel pitch of 127µm, which is a guarantee for a highly superb quality of image resolution. In addition, its single panel design with eliminated butt area, enhances the image quality and produces more reliable images. It’s "a-Si tFt active matrix" enables it to provide superior image resolution. It guarantees constant and reliable performances in its any temperature and humidity.


 A-Si TFT Technology

Extremity : Since it is portable, it is much more flexible. It is capable of taking different angle shots of the patient’s extremities.

Pediatrics : Its unique size is sufficient enough for pediatric applications. Its portable size minimizes fear among children upon taking x-ray images. Its adequate size optimizes your investment for system application to children.

Veterinary : It is good for joint of equine or whole body of small animal.



DICOM 3.0 compatible, DI cOM Patient cD, DIcOM Basic Print

Print Management Ser vice c lass(S c U), Storage Ser vice class(ScU), and others

Image stitcting(semi-auto) & Fast & Ideal Image Processing

easy user interface & simple workf low



Detector type: SAMSUNG 10x12 CsI:Tl Amorphous silicon

Pixel matrix 2560 x 2080  Effective Pixel matrix  2520 x 2040

Pixel pitch 127 µm Energy range 40-150 kV

Dimensions 422 x 403 x 22 mm Weight 3.4 kg



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Dec 30, 2011, 11:26 AM