Retrofit DR flat panel detector


Flat Panel X-ray Detector from Samsung  equipped designed by a-Si tFt technology, which under a reliable condition allows you to run the equipment without

stopping as less heat is generated. a-Si tFt technology provides constant pixel value, thus ensuring more precise diagnostic images.
Large Image Processing Unit
Samsung  Flat Panel X-ray Detector provides wider active area for an image, and a versatile and reliable imaging solutions for your daily diagnostic needs. Its single panel and a-Si tFt active matrix produce high quality images and easy integration to all radiography systems.

Large Active Area for the Image

It has a Large detector size at 17"X17"(43cmX43cm). With just one shot, you can acquire an image of your preferred anatomical view such as that of the bottom cervical vertebra or diaphragm at frontal plane, or that of the thoracic vertebra at lateral plane without rotating the detector unit. The weight is 13.4kg, and dimension is 500x497x45mm. the energy range is 40-150kV, and pixel pitch is 143µm, effective pixel matrix 3000x3000, while pixel matrix 3072x3072. the detector type is amorphous silicon with scintillator of csI:tl. DR Technology available as Csl FPD or Gadox FPD


Superior Diagnostic Image Quality

Its single panel design with eliminated butt area, enhances image quality and produces more reliable images. It’s "a-Si tFt active matrix" enables it to provide superior image resolution. Samsung DR guarantees constant and reliable performances in its any temperature and humidity.  Advanced patient safety the one shot method saves the amount of radiation dose on patients, which helps patient safety. comparing with ccD type x-ray equipment, this DR generates just half of amount of radiation dose for same procedure, which also helps patient safety.  


DIcOM 3.0 compatible, DIcOM Patient cD, DIcOM Basic Print

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