DirectView Mobile Vita CR System

Vita CR System

VIEW Vita CR System—a reliable, compact, tabletop imaging solution with a small footprint and light weight design. It allows seamless integration into your existing work ow, and helps increase ef ciency and productivity, all at an affordable price.


Affordable. Compact. High Quality. A Small Wonder.

The Vita CR System is ideal for small hospitals, clinics, and specialty practices—and its portability and durability meets the demands for mobile applications and military operations. The optional Z-cart allows the system to be easily shared between rooms and images can be viewed closer to the patient’s point-of-care. For all of these applications, it’s the new system of choice.

Bene ts at a Glance

• At only 79 lbs. - it’s smaller and lighter than other CR solutions

• Affordable cost of entry maximizes your budget

• Provides high-quality images for accurate review and diagnoses

• Easy installation gets you up and running fast

• Intuitive interface means minimal training time

• Unsurpassed compatibility allows simple integration into your current work ow

• Portable and durable for use in extreme conditions and a variety of applications


Large, complex digital imaging systems include capabilities you simply don’t need—and carry a prohibitive price tag. The Vita CR System is the answer. It provides digital imaging at an affordable cost, so you can offer your patients in-house imaging with a faster turn-around time and accurate diagnoses, which leads to an enhanced level of care. These bene ts all contribute to the successful, cost-effective operation of your facility and practice.


This innovative system saves you time and trouble at every step. Simple set-up means you can literally be scanning in just a couple of hours from the time you unpack your system. A small footprint lets you install and operate the system in con ned spaces eliminating the cost of a renovation.

With multiple pre-con gured imagequality "looks", it’s fast and simple to select and standardize your speci c default image preferences.

You’ll save time and money with the system’s wide selection of cassettes and phosphor screen sizes—say goodbye to the cost of purchasing  lm and chemicals, storage of supplies, mixing, and plumbing. The system is easy to service, as well—fewer parts make maintenance a breeze and reduces service time.



The Vita CR System was designed to boost your productivity and work ow. An intuitive interface lets new users become experts in a hurry—you’ll see a reduced learning curve and shorter training time. In addition, a new "smart erase" feature allows fast and complete erasure of latent images across all exposure levels. This feature improves operator productivity and reduces the cycle time between scans, especially for lower dose exams. The design includes an internal license key, eliminating the risk of loss or damage to external USB licenses.


In addition to small hospitals, clinics, and private practices, the system answers a wide range of specialized applications. Because of its durable, sealed design and ability to withstand rough handling and extreme temperature/humidity conditions, military operations worldwide can depend on the Vita CR System. Mobile units especially see the bene ts of its light weight, portability, and ability to  t easily into vans or trailers. Orthopedic and chiropractic of ces gain critical in-house imaging at an affordable cost. And, veterinarians appreciate the system’s ability to provide onthe-spot image previews—in the of ce, or when transported to a barn or stable.

Vito Vito,
Sep 28, 2010, 8:26 AM