kodak poc


The next generation of affordable, performance-rich computed radiography

The KODAK Point-of-Care CR System is the next generation in computed radiography
solutions designed to fit the needs of small to medium-sized healthcare facilities and
clinics. This new CR system provides fast and easy access to quality images at an
affordable price. The small footprint provides the capability to perform diagnostic imaging
functions at the point of patient care. Users can choose from different scanning modes
and image looks to suit their clinical application.
This compact system includes a single-plate CR reader, flexible phosphor screens, and
a PC-based review station. It is suitable for both, centralized and decentralized workflow
environments and can be used right in the exam room.

Flexibility and Versatility

The Kodak Point-of-Care CR System is a robust, lightweight tabletop system that provides throughput from 20 to 60 plates per hour (14 x 17 cassette), with optional high-resolution scanning modes. With the flexibility to choose from five different image looks, you are able to customize your image preferences for different exams.
Mounted on a wheeled Z-cart (optional), it can be conveniently rolled into any situation where instant digital images are needed, and because it is lightweight, the Kodak Point-of-Care CR System is a perfect fit for mobile applications and portable x-ray field.

Big value for small facilities

The Kodak Point-of-Care CR 140 System is ideal for computed radiography examinations in busy clinics and specialty practices such as chiropractors, podiatrists, and orthopaedists. It is also recommended for satellite locations, and remote sites such as military field installations.
Durable, compact, and lightweight, this system enables all imaging functions to be performed at the point of patient care with one affordable package that includes the single-plate CR reader, Kodak flexible phosphor screens, advanced image management software, and a PC-based review station.


Kodak Image Processing is used on the Kodak Point-of-Care CR System and is designed to provide high-quality images that meet your diagnostic needs.

Connectivity and Scalability

With its DICOM 3.0 capabilities, the system can be seamlessly integrated with a broad variety of printers, modality equipment, RIS and PACS systems.

Military applications

Deployed by military forces worldwide, the field-proven Kodak Point-of-
Care CR System is ideal for remote locations. Its durable design
can withstand rough handling, temperature and humidity extremes, and
stresses of nature such as wind, sand, and moisture. Even in the most
demanding conditions, this portable system is easy to set up and operate
Vito Vito,
Dec 31, 2010, 8:58 AM