Portable digital flat panel detector

The Most Portable Samsung DR Unit
that is developed with a Flat Panel X-ray Detector. It provides you with highly superb image resolution through its 14" X 17" flat panel detector. Its portable size brings outstanding advantages. With its 3.8 kg weight and 15mm thickness, upgrading your conventional analogue equipment into digital is enabled. The specially designed grip is a consideration for providing ease in handling and transportation. The small and portable power box can be used with much convenience.

Images from the Samsung Flat Panel apiers in about 6 seconds. The software is designed to provide the doctors many different ways to view and manipulate the images. Stitching capabilities are standard with the DR Package. Many other products such as Fuji CR’s FCRview for example charge and additional $10,000 for this feature.

A-Si TFT Technology

At 3.8 kg and 15mm, it is extraordinarily light and of unprecedented thickness. Its energy range is 40-150kV while its pixel pitch is 150
µm. Lastly, its effective pixel matrix is at 2880 X 2400.


DICOM 3.0 compatible, DICOM Patient CD, DICOM Basic Print

Print Management Ser vice Class(SCU), Storage Ser vice Class(SCU), and others Image stitching (semi-auto) & Fast & Ideal Image Processing Easy user inter f ace & simple workf flow


Versatile Application


Ambulatory Vehicles, Field Hospitals, Emergency Rooms

Neonatal usage

For upgrading from a conventional X-ray System

It is 14" X 17", which equals to the size of a conventional film. Therefore, you

can retrofit your conventional x-ray system into a digital radiography system by simply switching from a conventional film cassette to this unit. As the leader towards transition to digital imaging through its cutting-edge technology, VATECH provides you with optimum solution for your imaging needs.