Portable and mobile CR scanner Installation to vehicle

Mobile CR Installation Kit for Portable X-ray providers.

Protect your CR scanner from damage. Computed radiology scanner instalation kit retrofits mosts vehicles. It's worth it to cover your $30,000 system!

This unique kit includes a custom designed fiberglass enclosure that creates a desk top surface. Underneath the enclosure is shock absorbing material and tie down straps that protect the CR Reader from moving. The laptop is mounted and locked on the enclosure for added protection. To power the CR a 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is provided along with a battery isolator, circuit breaker and on/off switch.
The universal mounting system is used in front, side, and rear installations. This gives the user the abilit y to change the CR location if necessar y and is easily re -installed in another vehicle when the time comes.The CR R eader is positioned on a r idged foam mount that is cut at a 60° angle (Z- Car t Angle). This protec ts the CR from vibrations and makes it easier to load & unload the cassettes.

A detailed wiring diagram and step by step instructions make installing this kit quick and easy!

Vito Vito,
Mar 1, 2010, 12:02 PM