A full-featured Fire CR system at an affordable price. Built on pioneering technology to help increase your productivity while simplifying workflow.

High Throughput

Capable of reading up to 70 imaging plates/hour the FireCR delivers images in record time ready for viewing, enhancement, duplication, archiving or distribution.

Compact and Lightweight

The FireCR is an extremely compact and lightweight CR reader designed to fit into any veterinary clinic. Set it on a desktop, mount it on the wall or move it directly to the animal when needed, even for off-site imaging. Experience the ease of this highly versatile system, capable of efficiently handling the everyday needs of professionals in veterinary clinics of any size. 


FireCR scanners can be upgraded in the field, without disrupting the workflow. Customers simply invest in the scanner that meets current needs and budgets, and then scale up as their imaging volume increases. This unique feature provides maximum flexibility for veterinary clinics, and ensures that their technology investment is protected feature provides maximum flexibility for practices and clinics, and ensures that their technology investment is protected.


High throughput - up to 70 plates per hour


Ultra-light - 65 lbs (30 kg) CR reader

Ultra clean and crisp images, advanced image processing 

Field upgradeable 

Compact self-contained table top or portable system 

Wall mount option for minimum space occupancy 

One step integrated scanning and erasing 

Automatic cassette and plate handling 

Rugged, torsion stabilized optics 

Delivered in a solid, easy-to-transport wheeled flight case

FireCR Veterinary CR Scanner Models


CR Scanner
• Up to 70 plates/hour (14x17)


CR Scanner
• Up to 60 plates/hour (14x17)


CR Scanner
• Up to 40 plates/hour (14x17)


CR Scanner
• Up to 25 plates/hour (14x17)


Supported IP sizes: Universal Cassette 14x17: Supports IP sizes 14x17" & 14x14" Universal Cassette 14x10: Supports IP sizes 10x12", 8" x 10", 15 cm x 30 cm, 20 cm x 30 cm, 25 cm x 30 cm System Includes one each: 14x17" & 10x12" Cassette/IPs Resolution: Data Capture: 16-bits per pixel, 65,000 gray tones Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.6" x 18.3" x 27.7" (117 x 464 x 703 mm) Weight: 65 lbs (30kg) System set-up options: Desktop Vertical wall mount FireCR Software: DICOM 3.0 compliant CD/DVD Burn (Single & Multi-patient) DICOM Viewing, Query, Send, Receive Computer workstation: Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Processor 320 GB Hard Disk, 2 GB RAM 19" Widescreen LCD 1.3MP, DVI Interface Windows 7 Professional Operating System CD/DVD+/-, NetCard (100 MBit), 2 USB 2.0 ports Regulatory approvals: CE (0120)

• UL, cUL, FCC • KFDA pending Safety Standards:

EN 60601-1 EN 60825-1 EN 60601-2 Operating conditions: • Temperature: 59-86 Fahrenheit (15-30 Celsius) • Temperature Gradient: 0.5 Deg. Celsius / Min. • Humidity: 15%-95% RH • Magnetic Field: Max. 1260 Micro Tesla

Vito Vito,
Jan 18, 2011, 12:03 PM