Digital Radiography x-ray – DR

Digital capture and image processing without the need to handle cassettes. Thumbnail images in 3 seconds!
Full diagnostic x-rays are automatically processed and available in just 10 seconds Virtually no moving parts compared to CR
  • Imaging Module: 13" x 17" Field of View
  • Pixel Array: 4000 x 3000 pixels, 21 Mega pixels
  • Pixel Capacity: 14 bit pixel depth, with 8 bit windowing, 16,384 shades of gray in RAW image
  • Image Pixel resolution: 0.004" per pixel, 11 6 microns
  • Imaging Screen: High Gain Scintillation screen
  • Communication Port: USB-2 cable high speed connection with computer
  • Image Time: Approximately 12 seconds starting with X-ray cycle
  • Optical Line Pairs: >3.5 line pairs per mm
  • Exposure Sensitivity: Approximately 400 speed system Weight: Approximately 25 pounds
  • 18" x 15" Aluminum Interspaced Grid: 178 LPI, 8:1 ratio, 40" – 72" focal film distance
  • Optional Pivot Mechanism to allow crosswise acquisition mode
  • FDA compliant and DICOM compatible with DICOM Store, DICOM Query/Retrieve and DICOM Print functionalities for very easy networking with other DICOM PACS systems.Made and supported in the USA


  • No film, no cassettes, no chemicals
  • Images in just a few seconds, no hassle
  • Enhance the image of your practice
  • Display your x-ray image within seconds
  • Improve your workflow
  • Avoid lengthy patient waits or return visits due to poor x-ray technique 
  • Eliminate darkrooms and film storage from your practice 
  • Eliminate toxic chemical handling and waste
  • Dicom Sending
  • Burn CDs/DVDs or print copies for your patient to take home
  • Impress your patients with a high-tech facility


Vito Vito,
Dec 26, 2009, 8:30 PM